NCPPA Information and Volunteer Form

Mission Statement
The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity was created to unite the strengths of public, private, and industry efforts into a collaborative partnership to inspire and empower all Americans to lead physically-active lifestyles to enhance their health and quality of life.

NCPPA State Coalitions: The State Coalitions are the key to achievement at the grassroots level, with State Coalitions being provided a range of tools, reports, alerts, and program options for effective action at the state and community level.
Health Communications Campaign: There will be annual physical activity and health promotional campaigns at the national, state and local levels.
Political Education and Advocacy: The NCPPA will develop and implement a federal and state legislative, administrative, and regulatory agenda for physical activity and health.
Behavior Change Campaign: The NCPPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are piloting a turnkey campaign to change habits of physical activity .
Healthy People 2010: The NCPPA will encourage and support relevant organizations to increase their involvement with the activity and fitness aims of the national health objectives.
Organizational Outreach: The NCPPA will provide tools to help provide information on the Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health to other organizations.

Individuals who are members of organizations belonging the the NCPPA may volunteer to serve on committees and to participate in other activities of the Coalition.
Administration and Finance Committee: Oversees the administration of the Coalition
Advocacy Committee: Develops and conducts the public advocacy activities of the NCPPA. Issues calls to action to the State Coalitions.
Behavior Change Initiatives Committee: Develops and implements a plan to change the physical activity behaviors of Americans.
Communications Committee: Develops and implements the broad communications activities of the Coalition.
Membership Committee: Develops a implements a membership marketing and retention plan.
Sponsorship Committee: Develops recommendations for securing program funding.
State Coalitions Committee: Oversees all activities of the individual Coalitions in each state.

Newsletters: Works with the Communications Committee to create, publish and distribute the newsletters of the Coalition.
State Coalitions in each State: Individuals in each state come together to promote physical activity at the grass roots level. Each state coalition has a Chair and numerous Co-Chairs and Team Members to carry out these initiatives.

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