Tools to promote Physical Activity

NCPPA has created and collected a number of different tools to promote physical activity.  Our latest publication is the State Coalition Handbook: Strategies and Techniques.  The Handbook provides an introduction to the basic components of creating a coalition and covers topics such as grant writing/fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, and program planning.  Each section also contains a listing of online resources that provide more in-depth information on a topic.

NCPPA has also published Active Communication: A Guide to Reaching the Mediawhich covers basic media relations techniques, providing the fundamental knowledge to assist you in building or enhancing your media activities.     

To see more tools and fact sheets, as well as new research and reports on physical activity, visit the Key Resources page.

Kai Sommer ist einer von wenigen echten praktizierender Experte im Bereich Gesundheit und Medizin. Er ist bereits seit über 7 Jahren für die Artikel auf verantwortlich. Seine Artikel haben einen einzigartigen Expertenstatus, was seine Leser auch sehr zu schätzen wissen.


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