School/Out of School Programming

NEW!  CSPAP Policy Continuum Final Report

NCPPA Education Sector Team


NEW!  Schools Should Take the Lead in Increasing Kids' Activity

American Heart Association


Promoting Physical Activity In Middle School Girls: Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls

American Journal of Preventive Medicine


Physical Activity Across the Curriculum: Year One Process Evaluation Results

International Journal of Behaviorial Nutrition and Physical Activity


Preventing Childhood Obesity: A School Health Policy Guide

National Association of State Boards of Education


School Policies and Practices to Improve Health and Prevent Obesity: National Secondary School Survey Results

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Bridging the Gap Program


 Crisis in the Kindergarten-Why Children Need to Play in School

Alliance for Childhood


 Calories In, Calories Out: Food and Exercise in Public Elementary Schools, 2005

United States Department of Education

 Active Education: Physical Education, Physical Activity and Academic Performance Research Brief

United States Department of Education


Scientific Statement: Schools Should Take The Lead In Increasing Kids' Activity

American Heart Association


The State of Nutrition and Physical Activity in Our Schools

Environment & Human Health, Inc.


Physical Activity Outcomes During HOPSPORTS Participation

Be Active-Appalachian Partnership; Be-Active North Carolina


A Report on State Action to Promote Nutrition, Increase Physical Activity and Prevent Obesity, Fall 2008

Albemarle State Policy Center


Promoting Better Health for Young People through Physical Activity and Sports: A Report To The President From The Secretary Of Health And Human Services And The Secretary Of Education

United States Departments of Education and Health and Human Services

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