Policy Resource Guide

NCPPA is committed to be a catalyst for grassroots action, to convening diverse perspectives/resources around the physical activity issue, and to being a conduit for alliances that mobilize the environmental and behavioral changes that are necessary to increase the adoption of healthy physical activity behaviors.

The Policy Resource Guide is designed to be a supplemental resource to the Physical Activity for Youth Policy Initiative (PAY) and provides sample PAY policies in action as well as other sources for advocates and policymakers to use in addressing the issue of physical activity.  The PAY Policies in Action are italicized.

We look forward to the continued development and evolution of the Policy Resource Guide.  As new initiatives are created, change builds, and successes are seen, NCPPA will report them here for use by other physical activity advocates.

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Kai Sommer ist einer von wenigen echten praktizierender Experte im Bereich Gesundheit und Medizin. Er ist bereits seit über 7 Jahren für die Artikel auf Ncppa.org verantwortlich. Seine Artikel haben einen einzigartigen Expertenstatus, was seine Leser auch sehr zu schätzen wissen.


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