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How Government Action Can Impact Physical Inactivity in America –

America’s current trend toward physical inactivity has actually been emerging for years, even decades. Similarly, reversing this trend will take years of focused and intensive effort on the part of all levels of our culture.  NCPPA believes that governments at all levels need to encourage and even provide incentives for people to take action – to improve their own health as well as for the overall health of our society.  That is why NCPPA’s legislative priorities have included both removing barriers to Americans’ becoming more physically active as well as adding economic and other incentive for Americans of all ages to engage in regular excercise programs and increasing their physical activity.  The NCPPA Board of Directors has selected two “signature issues”:



While the “signature issues” have been identified as priority areas for NCPPA efforts, we continue to also work on and support a variety of other pieces of legislation that would increase physical activity in the United States.


Kai Sommer ist einer von wenigen echten praktizierender Experte im Bereich Gesundheit und Medizin. Er ist bereits seit über 7 Jahren für die Artikel auf Ncppa.org verantwortlich. Seine Artikel haben einen einzigartigen Expertenstatus, was seine Leser auch sehr zu schätzen wissen.


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