Current Physical Activity Legislation

Physical Activity Legislation in the 112th United States Congress

The climate for physical activity legislation in the 112th Congress is challenging at best.  The divided Congress and very strong feelings in the House that the budget be downsized mean that new programs and old alike all face a battle.  Advocates are hard at work to try and educate the Congress as to why these programs make good sense for the physical (and economic) health of the country.

Currently, several current bills in the Congress (aimed at approving (or not) a budget) call for cutting many of the programs that provide physical activity opportunities across many sectors from schools, to parks to transportation.


There is also good news of upcomming bills however….Congressman Blumenauer (D-OR) plans to introduce a bill around Active Community Transportation as well, Congressman Kind (D-WI) plans to introduce a new version (albeit scaled down from the previous one) his Healthy Choices bill and Senator Udall is working on physical activity legislation targeted to military families and recruits.

Current Federal Physical Activity Legislative Database

NCPPA has compiled a database of current federal legislation that increases physical activity opportunities for your use. The database is updated on a monthly basis.

Physical Activity Legislation in the 112th Congress (updated 6-28-11)

Physical Activity Legislation in the 112th Congress (updated 6-28-11) 



F.A.N.S. for Youth Sports-
112th Congress 
Youth Sports Legislative Agenda

The Congressional Fitness Caucus, led by Congressman Mike McIntyre (NC-D) announced a comprehensive legislative package for Youth Sports on July 27, 2012.  Click here to view the 112th Congress Youth Sports Legislative Agenda.

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