Make the Move Implementation Report

This plan is not one to “sit” on the shelf. NCPPA and the Make the Move Council defines priorities, measurable outcomes and annual objectives for advancing strategies within the Plan.


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  • National implementation priorities
  • Measurable change
  • Recommended resources
  • Success stories


The Make the Move publication is sponsored by General Mills.



Add the Make the Move Implementation Report Icon to Your Website
  1. Download the size image that you wish to use:
  2. Place graphic on your webpage in the appropriate space.
  3. Highlight the graphic and hyperlink it to
  4. You may wish to use a line of text to explain the publication.  We recommend using the following:
Make the Move 2010-11- Implementation of the U.S. Physical Activity Plan provides measurable outcomes and objectives for change, valuable resources, and stories of success to advance physical activity related to the Plan.
Attach the Make the Move Implementation Report Icon to Your Email Signature Using Microsoft Outlook
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  2. While in Outlook go to Tools -> Options in your menu.  Select the tab “mail format”
  3. Select your account under the drop down “Select signatures for account” and hit the “Signatures” button.
  4. Select “New (or Edit)” button to create or edit an existing signature.
  5. Select the “Advanced Edit” button which should launch Microsoft Word.
  6. Type in your signature and insert an image using the standard Microsoft Word features (i.e. choose insert -> Picture ->From File in the menu bar).
  7. Once you have placed the image, right click on the image and select hyperlink. Insert
  8. Close out the windows and “OK” out of the options window.
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