Education Reauthorization and PEP

NCPPA is underway with a campaign to preserve physical education at the federal level. We have put together the following advocate letter. It is important that we coordinate our efforts here, using our collective resources as a coalition to take these messages far and wide in efforts to help save physical education.

We have been told by Members of Congress that if they don't hear from us on the importance of dedicated funding for physical education (PEP Grants) then we will lost that funding in appropriations and once lost, it will be very difficult to ever get it back.

As a brief reminder, before the August recess, the Senate passed their ESEA Reauthorization Bill, S. 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act, with overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle, 81-17. The bill included the following physical education provisions:

1. Physical education is listed as an acceptable use in Senator Alexander's consolidated grant program.
2. Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) is included (but not funded).
3. Physical education is included as a core subject.

These provision need to make it through what is anticipated to be a difficult conference, given the vast differences between the House and the Senate bill. Notably, the House bill eliminated all of physical education.

Please reach out to your Members of Congress NOW to let them know how important it is to preserve physical education in our nation's schools. And please disseminate our talking points and action alert through your networks. We are trying to capture the number of communications we are able to generate to Congress so if you can let us know about any grassroots mobilization you do, that would be great!

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