CEO Pledge for Physical Activity – An Open Letter to Our Nation’s Leaders

Dear Sir/Madam:

I’m writing to ask you to join an alliance of America’s CEOs, Presidents, Executive Directors, and Deans in signing the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity, and making a statement that we need to Get America Moving!  The CEO Pledge is sponsored by the non-profit, National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity.

You already know the crises we face in our country with obesity, diabetes and inactivity. The U.S. Surgeon General recently stated that the most significant healthcare crisis we face in America is inactivity. And, the single most important thing we can do is become physically active. America’s business leaders can be catalysts in leading this effort. No one else is better suited to impact their organizations, communities and our nation more significantly than our organizational leaders.

The Pledge is a simple statement for you to sign, saying you agree that physical activity matters, that you will create opportunities for your associates to have a physically active lifestyle, and that you, yourself, will employ physical activity in your own life.

Studies demonstrate that physically active employees are healthier, more productive and higher performing. In our own research, we have discovered that employees who are physically active have more energy, and are more focused, engaged, and intrinsically motivated.

Below is the link for more information about the Pledge, the list of leaders who have signed it to date, and how interested parties can engage in signing the Pledge. All this information is on the left tab listing.

As the National Spokesperson for the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity and someone who has dedicated my career to helping business leaders achieve the highest possible level of personal and professional performance, I would be honored if you would sign the Pledge. Again, the primary reason for the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity is to unite leaders with the common goal that we must get America moving. The first step towards making this happen is through our national, regional and community leaders. To date, we have 260 CEOs, Presidents, and other leaders who have signed the Pledge. Since we are on a charter to get 500 signees by the end of the year, please consider signing the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity today. And, yes, please share this with your clients and colleagues.


Jack Groppel, PhD

Co-founder, Human Performance Institute, Division of Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company

National Spokesperson, CEO Pledge for Physical Activity

Kai Sommer ist ein etablierter Fachmann in den Branchen Gesundheit, Fitness und Medizin. Er schreibt bereits - neben anderen Tätigkeiten in diesen Bereichen - seit über 7 Jahren für unseren Gesundheitsblog und beweist dabei immer wieder seinen einmaligen Expertenstatus.


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