NCPPA Praises Rep. Kind for Efforts to Promote Physical Activity

Congressman Applauded for Introduction of Comprehensive Anti-Obesity Legislation


WASHINGTON, DC – (December 17, 2012) – The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity is proud to support the effort by Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis, to maintain the focus on physical activity and fighting obesity while critical federal budget negotiations are underway by introducing comprehensive anti-obesity legislation.

“Congratulations to Rep. Kind for the bold move of introducing a bill as the congressional session is winding down to be sure the critical health needs facing our country during the current obesity crisis don’t get lost in the ongoing budget negotiations to avoid the so-called ‘fiscal cliff,’” in-coming NCPPA President Scott Goudeseune said in a statement today.

Kind’s bill, the Healthy CHOICES Act of 2012, is an updated version of the measure he introduced in 2010. It includes a comprehensive approach to fighting obesity by including a broad array of prevention and intervention measures for those who are obese or at risk for becoming so.

Goudeseune, the president and CEO of the American Council on Exercise, will assume the role of president of the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity in January.

 “NCPPA and its members organizations look forward to working with Congress and the Administration to find cost effective ways to promote physical activity in the war against obesity, ” Goudeseune continued. “Physical activity proponents believe that being active is the least expensive way to reduce obesity and promote good health and wellness.”

NCPPA Executive Director Melissa Merson noted that the coalition’s signature initiatives include the CEO Pledge on Physical Activity, which encourages our nation’s top corporate executive to provide opportunities for their employees to engage in physical activity and to be physical activity role models. NCPPA also is leading an ongoing Economics of Physical Activity Forum to develop the evidence base that policymakers need to assess the potential budgetary savings from physical activity initiatives.

“Access to physical activity is critical for Americans at all stages of life,” Merson said. “We need to demonstrate why investments in these critical life activities are as valuable as other investments made by the public and private sectors in treating chronic diseases and conditions that easily could be avoided through healthy physical activity.”

Because the current two-year congressional session ends at the end of 2012, Rep. Kind will need to re-introduce his legislation when the new Congress convenes next year. However, because any prospective budget agreement between President Obama and Congress now could have budgetary implications for years to come, the current proposal serves as a reminder that investments in combatting obesity now will pay large dividends later.

NCPPA members who signed on to support Rep. Kind’s efforts include the American Council on Exercise, American Heart Association, International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association, National Recreation and Park Association, and the YMCA of the USA.

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