NCPPA Supports Youth Sports Legislative Agenda

Congressman McIntyre Announces F.A.N.S. for Youth Sports-
a 112th Congress Youth Sports Legislative Agenda


NCPPA suppoprts and applauds the efforts of Representative Mike McIntyre (NC-D), Founder and Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Youth Sports as well as the members of the Caucus to bring needed attention to policies that affect youth sports.  The Caucus introduced the 112th Congress Youth Sports Legislative Agenda today at an event that included remarks by Congressional Members, professional athletes, Sports Youth Development Organizations among others.  The announcement was appropriately held during National Youth Sports Week.  The agenda includes access by youth to both programs and facilities as one of its four focal points.  Increased access is also one of the priorties identified by the Parks, Recreation, Fitness and Sports sector in the report, Make the Move 2011 Implementation of the National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP).  The goal of the NPAP is to encourage and drive policy changes on a local, state and federal level that result in and increase of the amount of daily physical activity by all Americans.


Congressman McIntyre stated, “All across our country, youth sports are shaping both the physical and character development of our children.  We must do our part to strengthen youth sports and ensure that our nation’s youth have every opportunity to learn the valuable lessons that youth sports offer.  This agenda represents a renewed commitment to our youth and their futures.”

The Youth Sports Legislative Agenda, entitled “F.A.N.S. for Youth Sports” will strengthen four main pillars of youth involvement in sports: fitness, access, nutrition and safety.  The agenda is a compilation of legislation that augments the mission of the Congressional Caucus on Youth Sports.  Each of these legislative measures included in the Agenda supports one of the four F.A.N.S. pillars.  Together, these proposals will provide suitable spaces, requisite resources, invaluable instruction, and paramount protection to create an environment friendly to youth sports activities.


Studies show there are many advantages to sports participation — reduced childhood obesity rates, better grades, improved attention at school, lowered health care costs, etc.  Adolescents involved in sports also learn valuable lessons in character development such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.


Congressman McIntyre founded the Congressional Caucus on Youth Sports in 2006 to support legislative measures that increase the effectiveness of these benefits, and to improve the state of youth sports in this country for the 50 million American children who participate.


Please visit the NCPPA Public Policy page to view the agenda in its entirety.

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