Help Launch the Nation’s First National Physical Activity Plan on May 3, 2010

Here’s an opportunity to energize your organization and your community!  Share the excitement of a national initiative to get America healthy and active.  On May 3, 2010, the Nation's first National Physical Activity Plan will kick off with a signature launch event in Washington, D.C. States, cities, towns, companies, departments, schools, hospitals—organizations of all sorts—are invited to join in by letting lawmakers, the media and the public know about this important Plan.


What can we do?
Local officials are the key to making the changes that can help ensure opportunities for all Americans to be more active. We’ll capitalize on national publicity at the Washington, D.C., launch, while communities around the nation are letting local officials know about the Plan and how it can be used to create a long‐term vision for community health. Create immediate awareness about this necessary roadmap for improved well‐being through proclamations on the Plan (see below). After the Plan is released on May 3, you can enhance your involvement by examining which tactics from the Plan you can easily implement in your community.


You can immediately take action on and before May 3 by:


  • Asking your local governor, state legislator and mayor to issue proclamations based on this sample language, designating May 3 as Physical Activity Day. Contact information for elected officials is available online.
  • Sending this letter to your local elected officials informing them about the Plan and offering to be their conduit to the Plan
  • Distributing this letter to the editor to your local media outlets to garner press and public awareness of the Plan
    Why participate?
  • By securing proclamations celebrating the National Plan, you can tap into the momentum of a comprehensive national initiative. Look for extensive media coverage as people living in every part of the United States get active the way that fits their lifestyle and needs. This convergence of national attention and local action will help elected officials see the importance of the strategies and tactics outlined in the Plan.

The National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA) is providing the leadership for implementation of the National Physical Activity Plan. Implementation will take many years, and the launch is just the beginning-a chance to grab policymakers’ attention.

What is the Plan?


The National Physical Activity Plan is a comprehensive set of strategies, including policies, practices and initiatives, aimed at increasing physical activity in the population level. The goal of this multi‐sector, public/private partnership is to produce a marked and progressive increase in the percentage of Americans who meet physical activity guidelines throughout life. Results will include improved health and well‐being; increased productivity; reduction of health disparities; and lowered rates of disease, disability, and premature death attributable to sedentary lifestyles.

Experts from many fields have contributed to developing the Plan. The Plan will focus on eight key areas, including public health, business and industry, education, health care, mass media, parks/recreation/sports, transportation/urban design/community planning, and volunteer/nonprofit organizations. To read more details about the plan and its development, please visit the plan's website

The National Physical Activity Plan will:

  • Make a compelling and urgent case for increasing physical activity in the American population, in order to improve health and reduce the massive toll of disease and health problems attributable to sedentary lifestyles, from diabetes to cardiovascular illnesses to obesity
  • Provide a clear roadmap for actions that support short‐ and long‐term progress in increasing Americans’ physical activity
  • Develop strategies for increasing physical activity in all population subgroups and reducing disparities across subgroups
  • Create a sustained and resourced social movement that provides for ongoing coordination, partnerships, capacity building and evaluation
  • Develop new and innovative strategies for promoting physical activity
  • Undergo periodic evaluation to assess achievements in increasing physical activity


Who’s involved in the Plan?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Prevention Research Center at the University of South Carolina are providing the organizational infrastructure for writing the Plan.  Implementation of the Plan will be under the leadership of the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity.   There will be an emphasis on organizational implementation, tracking results, policy advocacy, and a national cause marketing campaign to engage the masses.


Organizational partners, collaborators, sponsors and affiliates represent a wide spectrum of nonprofit, corporate, and philanthropic organizations contributing to the Plan’s development and implementation.  Everyone is invited to participate.  It’s a simple matter of engaging elected officials – and using the Plan to its fullest after the May 3 launch.

How to Get Involved


Please visit the National Physical Activity Plan's Website to learn more about how your community or organization can join in. Get on board now to make sure you get future announcements and toolkit information.

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