Workplace Wellness Strategies

Strategies –

CEOs who sign The CEO Pledge™ agree to implement at least six of the following strategies to create a culture of physical activity in their workplace(s). A mix of strategies from each category – behavioral, educational, and environmental/policy – is encouraged.

Behavioral Support

  • Support “healthy meetings” such as stand-up or walking meetings, and/or meetings that incorporate stretching or other physical activity
  • Offer a physical activity program that includes motivational elements to inspire employees, such as employee competitions, team challenges and recognition/rewards
  • Establish a non-competitive physical activity program, such as a “buddy program” or exercise groups
  • Sponsor employee teams in organized fun runs/walks
  • Integrate other innovative and effective ideas to increase physical activity

Educational Support

  • Provide education and information to employees about the benefits of an active lifestyle
  • Invite experts to conduct regular information sessions in the workplace on physical activity-related topics
  • Promote the health and productivity benefits of avoiding long periods of sedentary behavior (e.g. sitting at a desk for an extended period of time)

Environmental/Policy Support

  • Organize onsite fitness classes
  • Reimburse employees for purchases of fitness equipment or physical activity-related programs
  • Offer incentives for physical activity such as gift certificates for equipment and include such incentives in the employee benefit plan when appropriate
  • Provide free or subsidized public transportation passes to encourage walking as part of a daily commute
  • Give free or reduced rate memberships for bike share programs to encourage bikes as a form of transportation
  • Increase the time allowed for lunch breaks or provide flexible scheduling to allow employees to be active during the workday
  • Provide safe and clean facilities, such as showers, changing areas, and bike racks that support physical activity before, during, or after the workday
  • Provide clean, safe, and attractive stairwells and encourage their use
  • Create a map of indoor and/or outdoor walking paths that are safe, convenient, and easy to follow near the workplace
  • Offer employees opportunities to wear casual, work-out-friendly attire to work
  • Create an onsite fitness area or reimburse/subsidize the cost of an offsite fitness center membership
  • Encourage employees to take brief activity breaks throughout the workday
  • Provide employees with the option to use “active office” furniture such as stand-up or treadmill desks, and/or stability balls
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